Por Hélder Ramos

Cláudia Seabra nasceu em Anadia, perto de Aveiro e veio para o Canadá com três anos de idade. Estudou no Sheridan College (Fotografia) e no Ontario College of Art & Design (Artes Gráficas), de onde vai graduar-se no final deste mês.

The Study of Blooms é a sua primeira exposição, que está patente ao público na galeria Bliss, 1402 Queen Street East (junto à Leslie), que integra o festival de artes fotográficas "Contacte Toronto Photography Festival".

A exposição está aberta das quintas aos domingos, das 12h00 às 19h00. Mais informações: 416-539-9595 ou www.contactphoto.com

S.P.: - How or why did you choose to do art or to be an artist?

C.S.: - It all happened when I was a student, I didn't really know which direction to go in, after my first year at college I had decided to go into photography, it was very hard but it was worth it. I have always been creative, whether it was drawing, crafts, painting or photography…they are all interests of mine.

S.P.: - Where did you study?

C.S.: - I went to Sheridan College for art fundamentals for 1 year then graduated and took a course of applied photography for two years, and then I went to Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) for 4 years for graphic design.

S.P.: - Where else have you exhibited?

C.S.: - This is my first show, though I have been doing photography for quite some time...mostly on the side, as my personal work. I had been experimenting with polaroids and shooting still-life, I mixed the two and made beautiful and elegant emulsion transfers.

I make them by shooting a flower with my 35mm camera and copying it on a 4x5 polaroid where I then boil it and the image is gently peeled off, then transferred to water colour paper. I also shoot black and white images, or in sepia tones.

S.P.: - How did you get involved in Contact?

C.S.: - A friend of mine has seen my work and had recommended that I contribute work to the festival.

I called them and sent some work of mine. I doubted whether or not I should have even submitted the work, when I all of a sudden received news that I was in! This is my first exhibit ever... I have always wanted to do this...but never had the guts...now that I'm here, I will definitely do it again...this has been an amazing experience. People from all over the GTA will be able to see my work and that is exciting. It really helped me because I didn't have the confidence to this kind of thing before and now I do.

S.P.: - What advice do you have for other young people who want to become artists?

C.S.: - Be patient, dedicated and never stop learning, always have fun, enjoy the work you do, because when you stop having fun and not learning then you know it's time to change.


"The Study of Blooms": Photographs by

Claudia Seabra

at Bliss Gallery

1402 Queen Street East (east of Leslie St.)

Inf: 416-539-9595

part of the Contact Toronto Photography Festival


Hours: Thursdays to Sundays from 12-7pm