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Nuno Teixeira: Animorphosis
January 06 - February 11, 2001
Opening, Saturday, January 6 at 2:30 p.m.
"Animorphosis" means the production of intentional distortion. Nuno Teixeira uses the word to both make reference to his interest in animals – the animal characters of nursery rhymes and of fairy tales – as well as his treatment of those characters, a distortion that is both spontaneous and expressive.

The artist's mixed media paintings incorporate acrylic, oil, enamel and spray paint, oil stick, oil pastel, crayon and pencil crayon. Teixeira begins with doodles and scribbles, and by alternating media in the process of a single work he slowly builds up a richly layered, colourful and vibrant surface. The surfaces may also feature texts, interchangeably in Portuguese and English, that represent a stream of conscious dialogue the artist carries on while making his images.

Nuno Teixeira was born in Aveiro, Portugal in 1977. He grew up in Cambridge and attended the University of Waterloo Fine Art programme where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He currently lives and works in Waterloo.

Treasure Cat, 2000, Mixed Media, 24 1/2" x 19"

Meep, 2000, Mixed Media, 18 1/4" x 18 1/4"